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  • Pal i3
    - Industrial vertical 3-axis robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Efficient for repetitive tasks with limited space
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    - Industrial SCARA Robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Repetitive and rapid transmission of small objects
  • Pal i6
    - Industrial vertical 6-axis robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Perform various tasks reliably and quickly
  • Elacloid Drive
    - Precision speed reducer for robots
    - Small, light and precise
    - High output torque compared to self-weight
  • MEP-Pi
    - Motion control platform based on EtherCAT communication
    - Raspberry pi-based platform
    - High connectivity by various communication methods
  • MTP
    - GUI software for robot teaching
    - Operates on a variety of operating systems
    - Free Download
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    - A solution to build smart factory combining IoT technology with Pal series
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    - Robot and automation system development solution which is met user’s requirements
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Talk about the design of the Pal i-Series.

MINTROBOT's at the Smart Factory + Automation World, which was held in COEX from March 27, 2019, they introduced the new Pal i-series.
we've talked about Kang Min-seok, the creative director of MINTROBOT who was in charge of the design of a more innovative robot design.

Q: What is the meaning of Pal in MINTROBOT?

A: Our MINTROBOT's Pal was first introduced at RobotWorld in 2018 last year. At that time I had been asked many questions. Pal actually has many meanings.First of all, we often called a robot manipulator as a robot arm. Robot arm is a multi-joint robot that is known as a human arm. In Korean, 'Pal' is the word of human arm.But when a foreigner who is not a Korean actually reads Pal, that means like friend. Pen Pal, which we commonly know, has the same context. In the robot market, 'brand' is also very important. I think that if the brand is not differentiated, it can not survive the competition.


Q: Why did Mint Robot make a different rectangular robot from other robot companies?

A: The general shape of the robot does not deviate much from the shape of the Danish company UR(Universal Robot). The MR-series, which was first introduced in 2017, closely resembles UR's design. in the end, our design only was just a copycat of UR. Robot designs of many companies are in the form of curves. But curved design to manufacture costs hundreds of billions to billions of dollars, and process is also very demanding. Is it a reasonable design that comes out with millions dollors?
We first determined that it was not cost-effective for us, and that's how we made the design of the square. Squares are very easy to process compared to curves, and manufacturing costs can be reduced by a factor of several tens of times. Currently, we are the only robot in the world that is made up of only squares. So we were able to bring our very creative and unique identity to us, at the end, we were able to reduce it significantly in a cost-effective.
Our robot design was inspired by the robots in the movie 'Interstellar'. Many visitors were highly evaluating their creativity, such as "Interstellar Robots," "Lego," and "Mine Crafts," and they were able to instill a sense of "mint robots = square robots." We are very proud of this creative and cost-effective square design.


Q: The square robot is unique, but it seems to be a safety problem because it is dull and sharp.

A: I've actually received a lot of these questions. We gave each corner a round. This minimizes the risk of scratching or scratching. If the robot is hit, the damage is the same whether it is a round robot or a square robot. Eventually, the impulse is proportional to the square of the velocity. The current Pal i-Series is an industrial robot. Industrial robots, as you know, move at very high speeds, so they essentially use a fence around the robot. If any robot is hit by the average speed of movement,  it is equally dangerous.

Q: What is the material of Pal of Mint Robot?

A: We use only the rigid aluminum, duralumin, which is the material for all robots. Duralumin is a material used in aircraft manufacturing, very rigid, easy to process and even lightweight. We all color this aluminum material using anodizing techniques. Anodizing is a great advantage that the surface becomes harder. In addition, the anodizing technique is more powerful in dent and grease than the powder coating technique.


Q: I would like to ask you about the Mint Robot logo. Is there a special reason for renewal?

A: The trend of the fortress logo is becoming more and more simplified. We also fill the rounded corners of the existing leaf logo, It has been renewed with a logo transformed into a square shape. This is consistent with the fact that our robot is Rectangle. In fact, we can see this rectangle leaf form in all mint robots such as business cards, envelopes, booth design, homepage design, and robot design. 
We hope everyone to recognize that by the symbol itself is ours, even if it is not written as 'MINTROBOT'.