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  • Pal i3
    - Industrial vertical 3-axis robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Efficient for repetitive tasks with limited space
  • Pal i4
    - Industrial SCARA Robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Repetitive and rapid transmission of small objects
  • Pal i6
    - Industrial vertical 6-axis robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Perform various tasks reliably and quickly
  • Elacloid Drive
    - Precision speed reducer for robots
    - Small, light and precise
    - High output torque compared to self-weight
  • MEP-Pi
    - Motion control platform based on EtherCAT communication
    - Raspberry pi-based platform
    - High connectivity by various communication methods
  • MTP
    - GUI software for robot teaching
    - Operates on a variety of operating systems
    - Free Download
  • MINT Factory
    - A solution to build smart factory combining IoT technology with Pal series
  • Customizing Service
    - Robot and automation system development solution which is met user’s requirements
  • Download Center
    - Download product manuals and technical materials
  • FAQ
    - Product use and technical inquiry
  • Product Usage
    - Guide to basic usage
You can find out how MINTROBOT was founded, how it was founded, and how it has evolved from the past to the present.
We want people to work in a better environment. We think that robots can work with humans to improve the more efficient industrial environment.
MINTROBOT is the only company in the world that can make core parts to complete robots. In order to reduce the price of robot, we have developed the precision reducer with our own technology and developed various core parts.
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Talented people who can grow together are always welcome. You can find the right position for your job, and more detailed job search information can be found in the news.
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