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  • Pal i3
    - Industrial vertical 3-axis robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Efficient for repetitive tasks with limited space
  • Pal i4
    - Industrial SCARA Robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Repetitive and rapid transmission of small objects
  • Pal i6
    - Industrial vertical 6-axis robots
    - Use verified industrial motors
    - Perform various tasks reliably and quickly
  • Elacloid Drive
    - Precision speed reducer for robots
    - Small, light and precise
    - High output torque compared to self-weight
  • MEP-Pi
    - Motion control platform based on EtherCAT communication
    - Raspberry pi-based platform
    - High connectivity by various communication methods
  • MTP
    - GUI software for robot teaching
    - Operates on a variety of operating systems
    - Free Download
  • MINT Factory
    - A solution to build smart factory combining IoT technology with Pal series
  • Customizing Service
    - Robot and automation system development solution which is met user’s requirements
  • Download Center
    - Download product manuals and technical materials
  • FAQ
    - Product use and technical inquiry
  • Product Usage
    - Guide to basic usage
We continue to
make history.
Promote the popularization of robots.
CEO/Founder Kang has stepped into the Korean robot industry in 2009, has always been wondered. 'Why do not we see a lot of robots around us?' He thought that one of the reasons was that the price of the robot was not low enough to be widely available to the public.

As a result of considering the reasons why the robot's price has not been decreased, we found that most of the robot's manufacturing costs are occupied by core parts, but the core parts of most robot manufacturers were procured by the external parts suppliers, and they were shipping robots by developing only design and assembly and software.
Ultimately, we realized that we needed to be able to make core parts first in order to make low-cost robots that could be popularized, and immediately started to develop core parts.
The first of the core parts to be developed was the precision reducer. The precision gear reducer is key components that account for more than 35% of the robot manufacturing cost. Currently, most of the robot market uses Japanese reducers. The Japanese reducers have excellent performance. However, their high prices were the main cause of the robot's cost increase. Therefore, we decided to solve this problem first, and reducer using elastic deformation based on new cycloid, Elacloid Drive reducer, was designed after trial and error. The Elacloid Drive reducer adopts the principle of elastic deformation to the existing cycloid drive reducer, which simplifies the process for manufacturing the existing reducer and decreases the cost of equipment investment so that they could be manufactured at a very low price.

Since then, we have developed a motion controller based open technology to secure software parts. He concluded that software parts such as motion controllers are not as high as 10% of the manufacturing costs of robots, but they are very important since they are the source of control. If we utilize an open platform such as Raspberry Pi, which is widely used in the market, I thought we could get both stability and price.
And, after various efforts, we developed MEP-Pi, a real-time motion control platform using various open technologies such as Raspberry Pi and KDL. This is the first example in the robot industry to show the best cost-effectiveness and stability.
MINTROBOT Corporation was established in 2016 in order to start full-fledged technology development. In addition to the establishment of a corporate subsidiary R&D Center in 2017, it succeeded in attracting its first investment from exclusive national investment organization, ETRI Holdings in Korea.
In 2018, we set up production facilities for full-scale production and laid a foundation for full-scale business development.
Make differentiation of the brand.
MINTROBOT wanted to grow with our own unique brand value for our products. For this purpose, the company applied for trademark rights using the name 'Elacloid Drive' for a precision reducer developed in 2018. In addition, for the joint robot, we named Pal instead MR which was named during research process, and robot Pal was first introduced at the ROBOTWORLD exhibition in 2018.
He was very interested in publicity and design for these brand values, and valued creativity and originality in everything. So, for the first time in the history of industrial robotics, rectangular robot without a rounding was able to come up, and we could show our company's visual identity with just our product form without having to imprint our company name.
Step into the world market.
MINTROBOT did not want to grow up to be just a small and medium manufacturer in South Korea, but rather to grow into a very robust global robot manufacturer. He has made great efforts to enter the world market in everyday life, and always emphasized that the company's major activities are not only in Korea but also worldwide.

It was the 4FYN which was held in Barcelona, Spain in 2018 to take the first step to promote this global market. 4YFN (4 Years From Now), an event of MWC, a platform for start-ups, is an exhibition for start-up expected after 4 years, and we have received the Best Made in Korea award by exhibiting the parts such as precision reducer and motion controllers for the first time.

In the same year, we participated in exhibitions in various countries as we have seen the potential of Asian markets such as Shanghai, Taipei and Taiwan. These efforts have actually started to be heard by many overseas buyers. Many foreign companies such as Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Turkey, the United States, Germany, Russia, etc. have been interested in the product little by little, and finally, they make a purchase.

At present, MINTROBOT is carrying out aggressive publicity in more countries to inform its company, its products and its technology. Currently, MINTROBOT is aggressively promoting to announce the company, product, and technology in more countries