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Motion Control
Easy to control your idea
What is Motion Control?
In general, acceleration and deceleration are required for any object to move. And depending on these things, the behavior characteristics such as fast and slow will be decided. Motion control is a technology that can control these movement characteristics. Therefore, motion control is a very important core technology for all objects that require movement, and especially in the case of robots, the structure is complicated, so it is not easy to control, and therefore high motion control technology is required.
Real-time Processing
For smooth motion control, it needs to be able to calculate the required position or force in real-time. The real-time means periodicity, which means that calculations must be performed repeatedly within a specified time. We have implemented this using the Linux operating system and can manage tasks in 1ms (1/1000sec) increments and can be performed to calculate required for motion control.
Latest Synchronization Communication Technology
When multiple motors need to be driven at the same time as like robots, if each motor doesn't move in synchronization, problems such as vibration and noise may occur. We use EtherCAT, the latest synchronization communication technology so that the values calculated for motion control can reach the motor at the same time, through this, vibration or noise can be minimized.
Compliance Control
Recently, human-robot collaboration is emphasized, and there have been many technological advances to make robots safe. When a robot collides with a human, it detects and stops it, and when a person pushes the robot, the function that the robot moves by the force of the person is called Compliance control. We can control safety products where safety is very important such as collaborative robots by secured our own compliance control technology through the development of our own technology.
Flexible Interface
Various methods are used for external devices to interoperate with motion controllers. Our control system supports this using the most common and secure to available TCP/IP communication. Therefore it's possible to easily control the robot even with a general computer language such as Python. Especially when the system is configured based on PC rather than PLC, the system can be linked with the robot very easily.