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Passionate work assistant
Introducing the Pal® A
The A-series is a robot series that contains the company's initial concepts for supplying robots to more people. It is a representative industrial robot model of MINTROBOT that is cost-effective using its own core parts to reduce the unit cost as much as possible and a high level of performance used in industrial sites.
Pal® A4
Industrial SCARA Robot
Guarantee high productivity as precise and high speed.
Despite the small size, Pal A4 uses its own patented gearbox to realize high torque output and precision. It moves at a very high speed and is optimized for repetitive tasks such as handling and assembly of small and compact workpieces minimum to 0.8 mm in size.
The world’s one and only new-concept precision gearbox.
Elacloid Drive® is an internationally patented gearbox developed by MINTROBOT, which is a precision cycloid drive reducer using the principle of elastic teeth. It can realize a small, light and precise motion as like a Harmonic drive type of reducers as well as it can minimize maintenance due to its high torque and strong durability, which are advantages of the cycloid drive method.
Real-time motion control platform based on Raspberry Pi.
The motion controller used in the Pal A series is made-up, based on the Raspberry Pi 4, a proven platform that has sold over 20 million units worldwide. It can control the movement of robot joints of up to 7 axes based on 1 kHz through real-time task management. and it can ensure to delays in minimized communication and phase using the latest synchronization communication technology EtherCAT-based CoE communication method.
Safe and convenient compliance control technology.
We've programmed a basic safety device using our own compliance control technology. This technology using a control algorithm can immediately stop when the robot is shocked so available to be flexibly in responding to mechanical damage and physical safety of a person. In addition, we can train the robot directly with the force of a physical person by applying the same direct teaching algorithm that is currently used in common collaborative robots.
Easy programming based on Python.
We made it possible to control the robot using Python, the most widely used programming language. The user can easily program the robot using the script language python based on the network, and the robot's intelligence can be more easily implemented using numerous A.I codes, one of the advantages of the python language.
Lean process design that increases practicality and efficiency.
We manufactured in the world's first rectangular shape, is based on an optimized Lean Process Design that eliminates unnecessary parts. This shape has a larger internal space than circular or other types, and since it is processed directly without using die casting, it can be produced in small quantities and at a low cost and anodizes the whole body of the product to prevent stamping, scratching. This form has a bigger inner space than circular or other forms, and since it is processed directly without doing die casting, it is possible to produce small and mass production at low cost. The whole body of the product is anodized to make it more be strong to scratches, scratches, and sterilization and humidity.
Quick Look
Key specifications
Key specifications Model Number PSAS4R400
Price -
Degree of Freedom 4
Max. Payload 4 kg
Arm Reach 400 mm
Repeatability ± 0.03 mm
Mounting position Floor
Weight 22 kg 
Included in box Robot arm, Control box, Jig set box, Power Cable,Robot Cable, Manual
Safety Certification (CE) ISO 12100, ISO13849-1, ISO 60214-1, ISO 10218-1
Warranty 2 years
Robot arm
Robot arm Working envelope - m³
Range of motion Axis 1 : ± 125°
Axis 2 : ± 150°
Axis 3 : 150 mm
Axis 4 : ± 360°
Speed with Max. payload Axis 1 : 540°/s
Axis 2 : 540°/s
Axis 3 : 960 mm/s
Axis 4 : 2,250°/s
Rated allowable Moment of Inertia Axis 4 : 0.01kgm²
Mounting Base Footprint : 200 x 220 mm
Screws : M8 x 8
Mounting Flange  Hole circle : Φ mm
SCrews : M5 x7 
Service port Air supply : Φ6mm x 2
D-sub : 9pin
Ethernet : RJ45 UTP CAT. 5e
Material Anodized Aluminum
Control box
Control box Drive system Digital AC Servo
Rated Voltate AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 1PH
Rated Current 5A
Capacity 980 VA
Drive System Digital AC Servo drive
Brake All joint
User Interface TCP/IP (Native Packet)
User I/O 8 input x 8 out (Default)
- Input: Dc 24V
- Output: DO (NPN, SINKOUTPUT, 200mA)
(*Available expansion slots Max. 32in 32out)
Program Language mrscript (Python 3)
Software mrrts (Run with any web browser)
Safety switch/connector Emergency stop switch x 1, External Safety connector x 2
Safety function Motor overload detection,Irregular motor torque detection, Motor speed error detection, servo errordetection, Speed overflow - servo error - detection, Overheat detection ,Over-voltage detection, AC power supply voltage reduction detection,, Temperatureerror detection
Mode Auto mode, Manual mode, Direct teaching mode
Dimension 470 x 445 x325 mm
Weight 12 kg
*The above is subject to change without prior notice. If you need more information, please contact us via email.